Monday, 15 July 2013

Circle Makers or Our Father who art in Heaven?

The bestseller, "The Circle Makers" by Mark Batterson, has been out on the market and in bookstores for sometime now.  I first saw it in the CBD flyer many months ago.  It didn't interest me so I passed it over.  Two weeks ago, it was brought to my attention by a blog I follow.  They blew the whistle on this book and I'd like to pass that warning on to you. 

 I want to start by posting a video from YouTube that explains circle making.  Please watch for a better understanding.

And listen to this 3 minute talk.

To top all that off, Nancy Leigh DeMoss endorses this book.  What a disappointment.  Below are two screenshots from the True Woman Conference in 2012.  

 Above Nancy is pictured standing in a circle while praying.  Here on the Sola Sisters blog is where you can read all about it.  Tim Challies also does a thorough review on this heretical book.  Again, I am thankful for people who review the latest and 'greatest' books with a discerning mind.  

 Nancy Leigh DeMoss has many great materials and books that I have appreciated, as well as a radio program I have listened to many times.  She is, for the most part, conservative and theologically sound.... I thought.  I am disappointed that Nancy Leigh DeMoss would promote such folly.  She has such a huge audience and following that have heard and seen her endorse this book, that unless they themselves have more discernment than she, will be going to buy "The Circle Makers".  And that my friends, is where we must be careful.  Listening to man rather than God and holding man's word higher than Gods is very dangerous and is where many are misled.  God's word refers to Jesus as a Teacher many times.  It is the ultimate authority and that is where we must go to find the answers to life's questions.  Jesus is the one Teacher who will not fail us or fall to the heresies of this world.  Praise God!

Blessings and wisdom to you as you discern,


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